Dave Wilson, Esq.

David Wilson started his law career as a law enforcement officer. First in the United States Coast Guard as a maritime law enforcement officer and then with the Norfolk Virginia Police department where he ended up as a detective in the violent crimes section. Mr. Wilson spent a total of five years in South America. First as a member of a DEA task force, and then as a consultant. Upon his return from South America, Mr. Wilson settled in Naples Florida where he earned his law degree from Ave Maria School of Law. In his last semester of law school, Mr. Wilson worked at the State Attorney’s office as a certified legal intern where he gained valuable courtroom experience prosecuting cases under the supervision of an assistant state attorney. After law school Mr. Wilson was in private practice handling criminal defense and then was also at the Public Defender’s office where he handled hundreds of criminal defense cases. ​.

Currently, Mr. Wilson is the Senior Associate at Colosseum Counsel where he mainly handles criminal defense and civil litigation defense matters. Mr. Wilson is fluent in Spanish.