Estate Planning


Whether you are looking for a will, power of attorney, or health care proxy, or require more sophisticated planning involving the use of living trusts, we here at Colosseum Counsel want to help you advise, plan, and realize your personal and financial goals. Our firm provides legal counsel in all estate planning issues, and is more than qualified to draft your individual estate planning documents, including the creating of wills, trusts, advance directives, which are critical to an efficient estate plan. We here at Colosseum Counsel can also assist with the necessary legal documents in a guardianship, or make plans for unforeseen circumstances, such as the inability to manage one’s own affairs due to an illness or accident. Our firm is well qualified in all aspects of trust administration, asset protection, and provides the quality work and attention to detail that is critical in estate planning. We are also quite proficient with elder law and understand the importance of protecting the rights and interests of the elderly.