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I Cannot Thank Him Enough

“My day to day is filled with busyness and just when I thought I could handle my plate, it toppled over. I reached out to Mr. Chillemi and he was a godsend. He knew exactly what to do and how to proceed. His confidence and instruction lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. I felt as though I barely lifted a finger. His compassion and dedication as well as his intellect are an advantageous set of skills to whomever he is representing. He succeeded in the courtroom, and I cannot thank him enough.”

Alex R.

PHENOMENAL and Passionate Attorney

Seldomly do my sister and I ever feel strongly enough about something that we find ourselves leaving a review, especially when that something is such a deeply personal situation, but if this finds its way onto the screen of just one person in the same hopeless place that we were in a few months ago then it was worth sharing. Vito Roppo is one of the most PHENOMENAL and passionate attorneys we have ever met (and I’m marrying one so that’s saying a lot!). If you are seeking guardianship representation then it is safe to assume that you are more than likely amidst an emotionally devastating and potentially time-sensitive crisis. That is precisely where we found ourselves about six months ago. We chased down every solution we could, contacted every advocate we could and pursued any and every lead we got in desperation to care for our mother but we hit legal roadblock after legal roadblock. Finally our determination lead us to Vito. He has treated us as a priority since the very first phone call. This man is honest, intelligent and above all passionate about what he does. Vito has devoted his legal career to understanding the complicated nuances behind this wildly misunderstood field of law. He has professional and personal experience with guardianship so you will be treated with compassion, which at times like these mean more than you will ever know. You will not feel like just another case number or client while working with him. He was with us every single step of the way for our many calls, questions, emails and appearances. Vito was a calming sense that made us realize it was all going be okay in the end. Fast forward to our final hearing when my sister and I were finally appointed our mothers legal guardians. Our mothers life has changed for the better and our entire family can now breathe a sigh of relief that we are in a position to help her in ways she couldn’t help herself. None of this would have been possible without Vito. I would recommend him 100000 times over to anyone seeking help in this area of law.

Vito, thank you for all you did for our family, we are forever grateful.

Remington Abbott


Vito and his team helped me finally deal with some problem tenants. They worked fast and I’m more than satisfied with the results. I’m purchasing more property in the area so it’s comforting to know I have a great legal team I can rely on.

John Allison