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Criminal Law

We successfully handle cases involving many different issues that arise in a divorce or family law matters.

Personal Injury

If you have been seriously injured in a recent accident, or have had a loved one killed due to someone else's negligence, our personal injury attorneys can fight for your rights.


Probating an estate does not have to be difficult. With the assistance of an experienced attorney at Colosseum Counsel, probate may be more efficiently handled.


Florida law regarding landlords and tenants is designed to protect both parties. For landlords, the law provides procedures by which renters can be evicted from a property for many different reasons.


In Florida, an attorney must represent the guardian seeking the guardianship.  This process requires a determination of incapacity through an evaluation by an examining committee and the appointment of a guardian.

Business Litigation

We are renowned in the area for dealing with Contracts, Business Organization Development, and business disputes in the South Florida area.

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